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Hypnosis Therapy As a Cure For Claustrophobia

Have you ever imagined that hypnosis therapy can cure your claustrophobia? Yes, hypnosis therapy is now widely used as a tool in helping claustrophobia. It does not only help in stress reduction and/or medical or emotional aspects, but at the same time it serves as an active agent in dealing with claustrophobia.

Knowledge of the Hypnosis

What is hypnosis? The word “Hypnosis” was first introduced by James Braid, a famous physician who lived in England between the years 1795 to 1860. Before the Jame Braid, hypnosis is known as Mesmerism / Magnetism. Hypnosis comes from the word “Hypnos” which is the name of the greek god of sleep. However it should be understood that the condition is not the same hypnotic sleep. People who were sleeping unaware and unable to hear voices around him. While people in the hypnotic condition, while his body to rest (like sleep), he could still hear clearly and respond to information received.

The Truth About Hypnotism – And How This Misunderstood Thing Can Be More Powerful Than You Think

Hypnosis is a common state of mind people drop regularly into. It makes you more susceptible to ideas and thoughts, and if used correctly it can be used to control minds.

Why Street Hypnosis Is So Challanging

Street hypnosis, sometimes referred to as underground hypnosis, is an entertaining way to demonstrate your skill. While street hypnosis can be a fun way to show hypnosis control, it can also pose some challenges.

Hypnosis Secrets – Learn to Hypnotize Someone Instantly

Although acknowledged medically and practiced by licensed psychologists, physicians, psychiatrists, and other hypnotists, there is still an underlying mystery surrounding hypnosis. Discover how anyone can use these hypnosis secrets and learn to hypnotize someone?

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