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Hypnobehavioural Approach With Regard To Phobias, Anxieties And Habit Breaking

Since in trance any feeling can be enhanced, combining hypnosis with behavioural approaches seems to be more effective. Such behaviour techniques like systematic desensitisation, flooding, aversion therapy and assertiveness training are used in a trance to better the prospect of a patient in his struggle with phobias, anxiety and unwanted habits. In treating phobias hypnodesensitisation protocol is used.

Behavioural Principles Used in Hypnosis

Systematic desensitisation is one of the methods of removing fears (especially phobias) and relies on reciprocal inhibition and learning theory. This approach is based on conviction that if it is possible to induce (learn) fear it should be also possible to decrease and remove it (unlearn).The concept of reciprocal inhibition is significant in systematic desensitisation.

Hypnotic Relaxation Technique

The script below is an example of hypnotic relaxation technique. It can be delivered by a practitioner or as a self hypnotic suggestions.

How to Successfully Use Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for weight loss works because it addresses the root causes that lead to overeating and emotional eating that packs on the pounds. The article discusses on how hypnotherapy can be used to loss weight.

Tension Headaches and Hypnosis

Although tension headaches are associated with muscle tension (that may be caused by anxiety and emotional conflict) and stress the exact cause is unknown. Another factors associated with that type of headaches are sleep deprivation, bad posture, irregular meals and eye strain. Treatment is often a matter of striking the balance between medications, relaxation techniques and healthy life habits.

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