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How Do We Transform the Conflict in the World?

To bring about changes in relation to global conflict, the new consciousness requires a radically transformed awareness of what is true. The current global perspective of a victim versus victimizer view of each other, perpetrates exactly what it is we want to remedy. The moment we say (or even think) this person or that group of people are victimizers perpetrating atrocities toward another person or group of people, we are expressing the very hatred and negativity we want to stop.

Hypnosis and Spirituality

In the early days of my Hypnotherapy practice, the primary issues I found myself dealing with were stress, weight loss, smoking cessation, spiritual pursuits, and overcoming fears — pretty much in that order. Gradually, that order shifted and I can now say that spirituality is the most prevalent of my clients’ interests.

Why Would YOU Want to Learn Hypnosis?

“You talk to people until they fall asleep, keep on talking for a while and then wake them up and they pay you.” This is a “kids eye view” of what hypnotists do. Hypnosis has an absolutely incredible number of uses. This article invites you to consider learning the art of hypnosis for growth, fun and profit. Imagine your joy at helping someone overcome blocks in their life and overcome frustrating and miserable habits like smoking. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to add hypnosis to your skillset and increase the effectiveness of your communication?

When to Consider Sleep Hypnosis

Ask anyone who has tried it, and they will tell you that sleep hypnosis is really an effective method to get good and restful sleep night after night. There are many individuals who admittedly have trouble sleeping, however, despite this difficulty, they are still loathe to give sleep hypnosis a try. To those individuals, I am talking to you!

How to Identify Good Hypnosis Scripts From Bad

In the same manner that a carpenter has his tools, a doctor has his instruments and scientists have their laboratories, hypnotists and hypnotherapists need their hypnosis scripts to be able to do their job well. There is nothing wrong with using hypnosis scripts. In fact, these are actually carefully considered suggestions, words and phrases that have been designed to make the patient fall into a hypnotic state. However, the greater effect that these hypnotic scripts hope to produce is a positive life change for the patient.

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