Abraham Hicks – Transfer Your TO-DO List To The Universe And You Will Be Amazed

Hypnotists Discover the Power of the Press Release

Hypnotists do you MASSIVE free exposure for your hypnosis practice? Discover the keys to using press releases to get more clients and become the obvious expert in your area.

Hypnotists, Do You Make The Biggest Mistake on the Phone?

Hypnotists are you making the BIGGEST mistake on the phone and losing clients because of it? Discover how to avoid this crucial error so you can book more hypnosis sessions and grow a prosperous hypnosis business.

You Don’t Need An Office To Grow Your Hypnosis Business

Attention hypnotists and life coaches. Discover how to grow your business without having an office space. This article will show you a simple way how.

Do Hypnotherapists Need To Have A Hypnotic Style?

Many hypnosis professionals tend to have a style they adhere to, or an approach they favour. Here we discuss if this is a wise thing and whether it is better to have an eclectic approach to hypnosis or not?

Sure-Fire Confidence Booster

Everyone experiences moments of self-confidence and, at other times, feels a lack of confidence in themself. Generally, we feel more confident on familiar ground, doing what we know we’re good at. Faced with unfamiliar territory, such as public speaking, job interviews or certain social situations, our confidence wavers and sometimes lets us down. What if you could take all the self-confidence you feel when you are at your best, doing what you do well, and transfer it to those challenging situations that give you butterflies and bring you out in a nervous sweat? You can!

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