Abraham Hicks — Tune To Source For This Feeling (NEW)

The Key To Brain Power And Enhancing Your Performance

Do you have trouble concentrating, thinking clearly, or retaining information? If you think too negatively, over analyze things or suffer from mood swings for no apparent reason, you could be deficient in a molecule that is essential for optimum brain performance…

NLP: It’s About Education, Not Therapy

One of the attitudes in NLP is that people do not need to be “fixed.” Everyone already has the tools they need to live exceptional, happy lives. It is simply a matter of educating the mind to work better. As Richard Bandler said in this interview, if your mind thinks better, you have more freedom.

NLP and Negotiation Success: With Yourself and With Others

I’m not going to tell you that self-negotiation and negotiation with others is a similar process. It is one of those “proof is in the pudding” exercises. As you work with each of these simple processes, you will be astounded by its simplicity and power. Let’s jump right to the technique.

The Function and Benefits of Covert Hypnosis

The function of Covert Hypnosis is to take control of the subconscious mind, allowing the subjects to follow suggestions unknowingly. Learn Covert Hypnosis and take advantage of the benefits it has to offer.

NLP for Coaches: Clearing Up Hurry Sickness – A Ferrari in a School Zone

It’s an honored disorder in the US. I call it Hurry Sickness. Gotta go, gotta go, faster, go faster, and that is not fast enough and everyone should go fast, get it done faster and no break time, none. Now now now, get it done or get out of the way. Who was that? A friend? No time…

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