Abraham Hicks – Whatever You’ve Got Going On Has To Be Alright In Order To Change

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👉 Abraham-Hicks 2011-09-27 Ashville NC

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The Reality Show That Was a Blatant Cult

There’s a snippet from an old reality show that traumatised me, though less than the poor bloke they inflicted it on. Hypnosis not only can be used for evil, it is – all around you.

The Past Is A Haunted House, The Future Is A Blank Check, The Present Is Cold, Hard Cash

When I think about the time lines of reality, this comes to mind: The past is a haunted house with good or bad memories, the future is a totally blank check waiting to be written on, and the present is cold, hard cash. With that said, I believe that reality is a continuum of what we genuinely make it through our perceptions, actions, and understanding of it. Reality is fixed to the extent of our understanding, acceptance and perception.

The Meditation-Hypnosis Link

How are meditation and hypnosis similar? How are they different? And how does this help, especially if you’ve struggled to meditate before?

Long Live the Theocratic Doctor-Kings

Shamanism is an ancient, diverse, rich and sophisticated collection of practices. Is it really fair to call it hypnosis?

Just How Subtle Are Hypnotic Connections?

Some folks accuse the sceptical view of being less wonderful, beautiful and incredible. But with this hypnotic element, even the cynical take is miraculous.

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