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Discover the Benefits of Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis offers a large variety of surprising benefits you would never imagine. It can help you create different life-changing events which open a path to self-growth and success. It can also help you discover more possibilities that you’ve never thought you had.

Can Hypnosis Make You Fall In Love With Someone?

At first glance, hypnosis seems like magic. The hypnotist snaps his fingers and people fall over as if dead. He snaps them again, and suddenly they’re back on their feet, pretending to be a rock star.

What Is the Best Way to Learn NLP?

I would first have to ask you: what results would you like? Do you want to clear up some personal issues, or would you like to become an NLP “enhanced” life/professional/sports/business coach? I personally spent two years reading and listening to everything I could get my hands on about NLP before I got certified. I listened to time line techniques that helped me clear up stuff from my past. That helped me clear up a health problem. I felt I would get certified just so I had that credibility when I started working with people. I felt I knew NLP going in to my NLP Practitioner course.

The Safest and Natural Way to Stop Smoking With Hypnosis

Most people do not know that smoking is a psychological and a social problem as well; people who smoke are usually addicted to smoking and do not do it out of their will but from addiction. Tobacco research shows that over 65% of the smokers want to quit smoking but they cannot do it because of their addiction. Smoking is dangerous to the health of the smoker because it poses complications for lung and respiratory systems; it indeed kills millions all over the world.

Developing Your Five Senses – Hear, Hear!

If you want to develop your hearing powers, make it a habit to listen to music and pick out the different instruments present. While the entire song is playing, be conscious of the drum beat as you try to separate that particular sound from the rest. Then do the same for the piano, bass, guitar, and other instruments which may be present in the song.

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