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NLP Spatial Anchoring

NLP spatial anchoring is one of the most overlooked, and powerful forms of anchoring available. In changing your spatial location you change your whole perspective! You see things from a different perspective, you hear sounds from a different perspective, and even subtle differences in the air pressure and movement change in different spatial locations! How awesome!

Coaching: Best Case and Worst Scenario Thinking

Best Case and Worst case scenario thinking is a factor important to identify in a client. These are wonderful tools, to identify how a client sorts information, and helps you to figure out how they operate. Best case and worst case scenario thinking, pertains as to how the client looks at the future. What are the expectations they have?

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective NLP Practice

The seven habits of highly effective NLP practice was written in honor of Stephen Covey, and the beautiful legacy he left in his teachings. So many students of NLP want to be as effective as their trainers or even more so. This can easily be created, by practice. And setting a well formed outcome to do so.

Overcome Interview Anxiety With Hypnosis

Do the thoughts of facing an interview make you feel paralyzed with anxiety, fear, and dread? Are you so afraid of making a mistake or embarrassing yourself that you cancel the interview, or worse yet, simply skip going all together? Hypnosis for interview anxiety helps you move past the fear and dread by identifying the cause of the anxiety and removing it.

NLP and Other Modalities of Change

Some students I need to stop in their tracks when first practicing, because I see them using other modalities they already master or hope to one day adequately. There is nothing wrong with that inherently, as long as NLP and coaching is learned! The student is at risk to practice the other method, versus learning NLP and coaching.

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