Abraham Hicks – You Can Do This! (Even If You Feel Like Sometimes You Can’t)

Music and Suggestibility

I believe that music can alter our states of consciousness and thereby make us more suggestible. But if music can make us more suggestible, what are the likely consequences? Is this a good or bad thing? Should we be concerned at all?

Guided Meditation and Positive Thinking – Letting Go of Grudges So You Can Move Forward in Life

Are you feeling angry, in need of stress management, like somebody owes you a happier life? If you’ve been stuck in a grudge against somebody, are you tired of living life that way? Here are some words of encouragement that can help you let go of a grudge keeping you stuck. By following a simple process, you can renew your life once again.

Using Self-Hypnosis To Develop Better Understanding Of Other People

This process uses the power of self-hypnosis and mental imagery and metaphor to enhance how you relate to those closest to you. This process is particularly designed to help you enhance and advance your personal relationships by altering and affecting your perception of yourself those closest to you. Enjoy.

Want To Become A Stage Hypnotist?

Did you ever have the desire to be a stage hypnotist? It’s a lot of fun, pays well, and has many fringe benefits. believe it or not, there is even some job security there.

Do Subliminal Messages Work?

In recent years there has been a tool by which people can build confidence and learn to rebuild their lives after experiencing tough life experiences. This tool is called subliminal messages and people wonder if they work or not. Subliminal messages work as a form of self hypnosis, and are based on Neuro Linguistic Programming, which was founded by John Bandier in the 1970s as a way of helping people overcome certain phobias.

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