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Seven Reasons Why You Must Learn Covert Hypnosis

To many people learning hypnosis can be the most daunting task of their life. Many think that hypnosis is for some selected few while some see it as an impossible task. The mistake many of such people make is that they fail to realize that they practice some techniques of hypnosis without knowing what they are doing. Now hypnosis can be learned by anybody and it is just as easy skill to get as any other skill that we can acquire.

Learn NLP to Solve Your Problems and Change Your Life

NLP helps you take control of your life and see things in a different light. This article shows you the massive potential of learning NLP.

Subliminal Hypnosis Downloads – My Personal Experience

I finally decided to try one of the subliminal hypnosis downloads to help me with my procrastination problem. It’s always a chore to get myself to work on my online business after a long day at the office. I’ll do just about anything except work.

Buried Treasure (Your Subconscious Mind)

Our subconscious mind is the place where beliefs are stored. Whatever we have created as our “reality” had its beginnings in this part of our mind. Understanding how the mind works is paramount to becoming the Master Creator of your life.

Hypnosis Gets Results When the Suggestibility Type of the Client is Known and Used

Hypnosis gets results when both the induction to hypnosis and the suggestions made during hypnosis are based on the Suggestibility characteristics of the client. The Kappas Physical and Emotional Suggestibility Tests identify three types, Physical, Emotional, and Somnambulist Suggestible. If asked, “Can you tell me your name,” a Physical Suggestible will respond literally and say, “Yes.” An Emotional Suggestible responds to the inference and says, “My name is John Doe.” A Somnambulist Suggestible is the favorite of stage hypnotists when they entertain with hypnosis as this person responds well to almost any suggestion.

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