Abraham Hicks – You Cannot Push Against The Very Thing You Want To Attract

NLP Basics: The Map Is Not the Territory – A Trainer’s Confession

You hear it in NLP and elsewhere,”The map is not the territory.” That means if you read about something, you know that is not like actually experiencing it, right? That’s all I thought it was at first.

Learn How To Hypnotize Someone – Simple Techniques You Can Use

It is possible for anybody to learn how to hypnotize someone; the techniques are not that difficult to remember and can be used on people of all ages. There is no requirement to be born with a special power to be able to get people to subliminally change their behavior, this is simply a myth propagated by entertainers who pose as hypnotists. It is must be stated that the technique discussed in this article should only be used on willing participants, if applied in the wrong way, the outcome can be dangerous.

The Vehicle And Ship Of Right Thinking

Our thinking is the only thing we have control over; the rest of it has to be handled through that and our perceptions of things. Sure, much can be said that life is more than thinking and action. But is it. This is the subject matter that this article explores and explains to some good degree.

Want To Know How Hypnosis Works?

You may be surprised to learn the ways that hypnosis can work. If you have seen hypnosis in movies or on television, you probably saw someone seemingly stripped of control. In fact, when you are in a hypnotic trance, you are hyper-alert and focused. You are not controlled by someone who hypnotizes you – you focus on following their voice and their suggestions.

NLP in Sports Training: Improve Swim Team Performance – The First NLP Session

The smell of chlorine in the air as I approached the pool building (natatorium – there’s a $6 word for you!) brought back fond memories of swimming years ago. The coach said, “They are all here, and on time. They must be excited!” That’s a good start. We all piled into a small room off the side of the pool, ready for our first NLP group session.

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