Abraham Hicks – Your Inner Being Is Giving You Signs of What You Should Do

Neurolinguistic, A Help To Your Mind

Imagine how large your brain is and its multiple encounters with different thoughts a day. You brain is opt for a breakdown even if you don’t like it when it has already reached its limit. Whether affirmations or criticisms are being said, our brains retain it.

NLP – An Innovation In Psychology

Are you tired of being too skeptical about something you have been longing to do? Do you think that being pessimist does no good in your life? Do you think that some of your past experiences hinder you to do your best today?

The World Of Hypnosis NLP

Are you living life to the fullest? Do you think that you have unleashed the inner you without holding back and just pursuing the things that you want? If not, let me give an advice.

Regression Hypnosis – The Court Room Of The Mind As a Guide in Hypno-Analysis

The metaphor of the Court Room of the Mind is a helpful guide when doing regression hypnotherapy. The metaphor, described by Edgar Barnett in his book Unlock Your Mind and be Free, draws on the ego state theories of transactional analysis.

Freud And His Role In Hypnotherapy

Works of Freud influence hypnotherapy by providing it with a concepts and theoretical base. They deliver an insight into dynamic of human mind and provide with understanding of mechanisms that take place there. Psychoanalysis direct hypnotherapy into early stage indicating the importance of dreams slips of tongue, fantasies and introducing ‘talking cure’ as method of a therapy.

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