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Learn Self-Hypnosis – Hypnosis on Your Own

If you can hear the word hypnosis, you may think about a person holding a pendulum right in front of you and swaying it side to side to hypnotize you. But of course, not all hypnotism are done that way. You can even learn self-hypnosis and try to hypnotize your self without having another person perform it for you.

Personal Development: Why You Should Learn To Model Others

Ah, OPE! “Other people’s experience” – a term popularized by plenty of wealth creation gurus out there. You have to learn from their experiences, they say. The problem is (and you probably realize this) it’s not easy to really figure out another person’s experiences… and here’s why!

How To Read People Like A Book

Discover how to read people like a book and you will be able to achieve so much more with other people. When you understand what is going on inside of them, then you can influence, persuade and even mind control them.

How To Convince People – Elicit A Person’s Criteria

If you want to know how to convince people to do something, then a very effective tool is to elicit criteria. Criteria are basically a person’s hot buttons – if you push them, a response is almost guaranteed. There are positive and negative hot buttons.

Patterns of Persuasion: Same or Different?

In order to persuade and influence other people, you need to be able to quickly figure out how they tick. There are several ways to classify them, and one of them is to find out whether they are positive or negative towards change and innovation.

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