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What Ted Williams Taught Me About Sports Hypnosis!

As a Professional Hypnotist in NYC, I tend to see EVERYTHING as trance. Guided Visualization, Meditation, and even some Chi Gung and Martial Arts exercises that I studied actually resemble what we do in Hypnosis. In this article I will share how you can use some basic, prime, self hypnosis and NLP to improve your athletics.

Rapport in NLP – Good Vibrations, Excitations!

Rapport: “relation; connection, esp. harmonious or sympathetic relation.” ( “She’s givin’ me good vibrations… ” The Beach Boys. Have you wondered why some people have “charisma,” they just seem to build rapport quickly with people, and keep that rapport over time? What is this quality called charisma, really? A friend of mine emailed me recently, he told me how he used NLP to effectively connect with people in a business setting.

Look Your Best With Weight Loss Self Hypnosis

Everyone knows how necessary being at the right weight is to our health and wellbeing. But getting rid of these extra pounds and preserving them off could be exceedingly hard. It need not be, yet to nearly everyone of us it is likely one of the trickiest things to perform!

Hypnosis and Sales Performance

Can hypnosis improve your sales performance? Can hypnosis really make you a more productive and successful salesperson? Yes, it can.

Hypnosis – How To Hypnotise

Even though hypnosis can be traced back many years, even as far back as the Ancient Egyptian times in fact, These days it has become very popular and much more mainstream and people understand a lot more about what hypnosis is really about and how it can be very affective. Because of this, more and more people seem to be turning to hypnosis in order to cure a very wide variety of problems from nail biting, sleep walking, self esteem issues, the list is pretty much endless.

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