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Three Easy Steps to Use Confusion in Erickson Hypnosis

In Erickson hypnosis, confusion plays a big role. Essentially, what you want to do with this form of hypnosis is to make contact with your subject’s unconscious mind. When you confuse your subject, you fog up and occupy their conscious mind; thus, their unconscious mind is what becomes in control to make decisions. If you want to know three easy steps to use confusion in Erickson hypnosis, then you will want to continue reading this article.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) – What is it in Plain Language? What Does it Do?

Like the elephant in the ancient Indian fable, NLP is a subject that has many aspects. Each one is fascinating in and of itself. As with any study, going further into each facet of this body of knowledge and actually experiencing it creates an entirely new dimension of understanding. There are at least thirteen major focuses of learning involved at the Practitioner level alone.

Developing Rapport and Building Intuition With Anyone by Sharing Resources

At the time of writing this, my business partner and his wife are currently enjoying themselves on holiday and celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. One of the things that all of us are sure to notice about people when they spend good periods of time in the company of others, is that they can take on certain traits of those people.

Writing to Persuade – NLP – Something For the Fans

This is a document designed for lovers of NLP. This document uses subtle forms of NLP or neuro linguistics, law of attraction, affirmations, combined that takes the reader to quickly understand and start using the power of persuasion.

Hypnosis – How to Surmise Other People’s Dreams and Cure Stress

Dr. Griffin was indeed able to surmise other people’s dreams, simply by listening to their emotional concerns. Definitely, those people who had what may be called ‘unfinished business,’ were the ones who would certainly dream that night. He wasn’t able to predict the exact dream, of course. As we’ve agreed before, that varies from person to person and is therefore intensely personal in that sense, but he could definitely tell whether someone was going to dream or not.

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