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Hypnosis – Is it Real? You Have a Right to Be Skeptical

You’ve seen it on television, or paid a visit to the local cinema where you’ve watched this film about a man who wants his wicked way with this lovely young girl. He has deep set, mesmeric eyes from which you can’t look away. He commands her to lie on his couch, says a few arcane words over her and proceeds to ravish her!

Hypnosis – The Dream State and the Swinging Watch

Give or take a few minutes either way, we experience Rapid Eye Movement, (REM), sleep when we actually dream, for about two hours every night. During the dream state, you become temporarily paralyzed. The reason for this is that nature doesn’t want you acting out your dreams. To do so would be chaos. Goodness knows what we’d all end up doing!

What Self Confidence Hypnosis Can Do For You

Are you he shy or timid person? Do you have trouble speaking up when you have a valid opinion or an interesting fact to share? If so, then you may be suffering from a lack of self-confidence. Don’t worry, you are not psychologically broken. Being shy is nothing more than a bad habit. And the best tool for fixing any bad habit is hypnosis.

Hypnosis – Be Skeptical, But Don’t Close Your Mind

Some of the claims made about hypnosis go beyond all reason. If you are skeptical, even suspicious, about hypnosis, it would seem you’re wise to be so. Then again, there must be something in it. Simply to discount…

Reasons to Try Free Hypnosis Scripts

Self improvement is an obsession with many people across the globe. It is very surprising to hear that some people are not taking advantage of what hypnosis can do for them.

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