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NLP in Sports

Athletes and coaches should be made aware of NLP representational systems. These are “systems” of thinking that enable an individual to perceive the world and thus influence their behavior (and the behavior of other people). The five representational systems are the visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and gustatory senses. It is through these five senses that the mind is influenced and a person is able to construct his or her own “map” of the world. The only way to influence these representational systems is through the use of sensory based language.

Success – Winning Victory From the Jaws of Whinny Victimhood With Catch-23

In this article I want to share something very inspiring with you. It can seem almost as if we have cleaned or changed the lens from which you see and experience your life. This is the best frame in dealing with whatever challenges you have ever experience. Also, it will help many of the harsh lessons of life, feel easier to deal with because you will treat them as such early on. Before I go deeper, I want to remind you of a concept known as “Catch-22”.

Learn the Truth About Hypnosis

In order to really benefit from hypnosis, it is essential to understand just how hypnosis works. We know the names of the famous hypnotists and we have seen or heard about stage shows where people are asked to come up on stage and then proceed to fall under the control of a hypnotist. Hypnosis is much more than the stereotypes that we commonly hear about.

Hypnotherapy For Confidence and Self Esteem

Addresses the difficulties implicit in self improvement when lacking confidence and self worth. Recognizes that a foundation of self worth and self esteem must be established before any self improvements will hold firm. This foundation must be established at the deeper level of the subconscious mind, whereas working only at the level of the conscious mind will not enable significant and long term changes.

Surgery Preparation and Recovery Hypnosis

Surgery in and of itself is scary enough. When your surgery involves a complicated health issue, the whole process can almost paralyze you with fear.

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