Abraham Hicks – 17 Seconds 2020

Life = Orange Juice

How are life and your morning OJ related? It all comes down to how you concentrate. Focus for longer as a side effect of learning this:

Deep Blue Vs a Deep Trance

If you think chess is a game of logic… you’re wrong. Expert players talk about it like an art form. So what does that mean for your happier life?

Survival Stories

When I was in school at Rainbow Bridge Center, to pass the time on the way to school in the station wagon or “school bus”, I did this: I practiced conversational hypnosis techniques like Milton Hyland Erickson, telling stories about my life at home to the drivers and other kids in the station wagon with interesting results. Of course, the stories were not only great practice in hypnotizing people, but they helped me understand human nature deeply and become a great communicator and people-person and all of that.

Negotiate With Your Unconscious

That’s not meant to say you and your unconscious are adversaries. It’s the opposite. But there’s a negotiation tactic that works well with yourself anyway.

5 Reasons Why Traditional Therapy Is Weaksauce

The old form of therapy was to dig into your traumas and talk about your childhood for months. Here are five ways that fails compared to the new approach.

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