Abraham Hicks – 17 Seconds To Remove The Brakes From Abundance

Patience With The Machine, Patience With The Man, Tolerance For Everything

Being able to experience even hard circumstances happily is a gift. I know, because I have had many I have experienced that way.

Riding Easily Into The Sun To A Happy Ending Or Not

Well, life is hard or it is perceived as hard, let us all face it. Sure, we all want happy endings and quick resolutions. I have news, not good or bad news, just news. The good and bad is all in our mind and its perceptions as the same river is never stepped in twice.

Can Self Hypnosis Cure My Smoking Addiction?

Smoking addiction can control your thoughts and your life. Can self hypnosis help remove your smoking addiction altogether? How about other smoking addiction cures? Read on to learn more.

It’s Never Been Easier to Get Self Hypnosis Downloads

Self hypnosis downloads have never been more accessible. Once you’ve found something that meets your needs you simply download it to your desktop. Once it’s installed it’s ready for you to use. It is as simple as that! The download will guide you into a relaxed state, relaxation is key to the whole process. A lot of audios have a soundtrack aiding your process you might also get some prompting to visualize a place that makes you happy and keeps you relaxed.

NLP Techniques – What Are You Thinking?

NLP or neurolinguistic programming has been described as a user manual for the brain. This article explores a language tool called the Meta Model and how you can use language patterns to uncover the kind of thinking which is holding you back, allowing you to achieve the real change you want in your life.

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