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If Winning Was Not An Inside Affair, The Genie Would Be Real Now

Well, I have read the Arabian Nights stories so many times, it could be amazing. But who has thought of this, in this vein: Sure, all legends and tall tales are based on some sort of reality, truth and honesty, but, not like we think, or it may take some abstract realization to understand how these legends and tall tales are based in reality. With that seemingly convoluted beginning, I begin this article.

Never Fear, The Winner Is In Here

Everybody has an inner winner, and all that has to happen is an awakening. Often, tragedy awakens this inner winner.

How to Take Control of What Is Controlling You

What is controlling you is outside of your control, but it is not outside your influence. Whether you are limited by the rules of powerful authorities or by the criticism of voices in your head, you cannot break free. You need to wriggle free: to move in small increments until you achieve the momentum and mobility you want. In NLP, we call these increments “shifts,” the small changes that indicate that significant change is on the way. When you make a shift in yourself, you alter your state or your mindset to gather new information and make different choices. When you get someone else to shift, you build an agreement that motivates and moves.

Modeling Not on The Catwalk

If you are a decision maker reading this, set yourself an objective to create a culture of modeling high performers in the organization. A learning culture is one where people learn from feedback and indulge in more empowering activities.

Reducing Social Anxiety Without Medication: Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Hypnotherapy

Has Social Anxiety stopped you from doing what you want to do? Has it stopped you from going places you wanted to go? There is help for you.

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