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Learning How to Change People’s Minds and Behavior

In the world we live in today everyone is influenced by something. There is no one that can claim that he is totally isolated from the influence of something. We are constantly controlled by the news, movies, the actions and reactions of the people that are surrounding us.

Who Am I, What Am I Doing Here, and Why Me? – Present Life and Past Life Regression Therapy

Both present life regression and past life regression therapy are common hypnotic approaches to helping clients transform present life issues and difficulties. How and why does regression therapy work, and what are the differences in the effects of both kinds of regression therapies?

NLP Fast Phobia Cure and Trauma Relief Pattern Tips

Some practical tips on the NLP Fast Phobia Cure and Trauma Relief Pattern. This article assumes the reader already has learned the Fast Phobia Cure as part of their NLP Practitioner Training.

NLP Eye Accessing & How to Know How Someone is Thinking

NLP Eye Accessing is often referred to as the Jedi-sword of an NLP Practitioner or coach. A wonderful tool to not necessarily know what someone is thinking, more so how! The below is an explanation of where the eyes go when looking at another person.

The Power of Covert Hypnosis

Everyday we are loaded with different information most times we wonder which one to believe or which disbelieve. Films, news, tabloids all are filled with information trying to capture our attention. Everyday we are hypnotized Covert or conversational hypnosis is a form of hypnosis that the hypnotist put someone in a trance without the subject knowing that he is under any form hypnotic influence.

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