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Can Hypnosis Hurt You?

Because hypnosis has been used for entertainment purposes, many people assume it may be used to inflict harm or impose control. Even some educated people who should know better fall victim to these misconceptions. One misconception that I hear a lot is that the client will do whatever the hypnotherapist tells her to do.

How Does Hypnosis Help People?

A therapist friend of mine asked me the other day, “So, how exactly does hypnosis help people?” He seemed to view it as some sort of mind control whose effects dissipated the moment the client left my office. The benefits of hypnosis can be found in many places.

3 Facts About Hypnosis

Myths abound today regarding hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Some of these myths have their basis in reality, while others are completely fabricated by Hollywood or some other such entity. Here are three facts about hypnosis you might not be aware of:

How Come Some People Find It Very Difficult To Undergo Hypnosis?

It was just too easy. The first few times I hypnotized people I met with success very quickly. Even people who seemed like they wouldn’t even remotely be interested in being hypnotized showed themselves to be awesome subjects.

Social Anxiety Hypnotherapy – What It Can Do for You

Social anxiety is one of the most common psychological ailments out there. With it, sufferers are terrified to be around other people because they think they will be judged, ridiculed, or thought poorly of. If you suffer from social anxiety, hypnosis is a great way to get rid of it.

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