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Is There Any Way I Can Lose Weight?

For many years now, the formula for equalizing your weight has been the ratio of calories consumed to those burned. That’s always been the answer to the question; “Is there any way I can lose weight?” Eat more than you work off, and you gain weight. Right, well we’ve solved the problem. That’s all nice and simple. Let’s all go home…

Is a Hypnotherapy Program Dangerous?

Like a lot of other people, you may already have received an invitation to a hypnotherapy session. Understandably though, if you are not entirely familiar with what this is, you may have initial misgivings. You would naturally wonder if there are dangers to this form of therapy.

Awareness Through Dreams and Metaphors

Daydreams are a perfect example of auto-hypnosis. When you daydream you have put yourself into a natural state of trance, allowing for creative imagination, relaxed contemplation, and productive problem-solving.

Facial Blushing Treatments – Will Hypnosis Help You Shed the Red?

For some people, facial blushing is just something that happens occasionally when they get embarrassed. But for others it’s a problem that they deal with every day. What do these people have to turn to in the way of facial blushing solutions?

How to Become a Hypnotherapist in Only 8 Weeks

Would you like to become a hypnotherapist and earned upwards of $150-$250 per hour helping people with some of the most pervasive problems in society including excess weight or obesity, fears and phobias, stop smoking, drug and alcohol addictions? To many peoples surprise you need absolutely no formal training in psychology or hypnotherapy to get your degree and certification to become a hypnotherapist in as little as eight weeks.

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