Abraham Hicks – Ask Yourself These Questions To Shift Your Thoughts, Try This Technique!

Forensic Hypnosis – Is It A Valid Investigative Tool?

Forensic and investigative hypnosis has become a more widely used tool by police agencies in the investigation of criminal activity. It is important that certain criteria be followed in he selection of subjects to be hypnotized to recall information that may be of use in the investigation. This article presents that criteria with examples of how hypnosis may be a valid tool for use by the investigating officers.

Use The Power of Presuppositions To Get The Results You Want

The core of the ideology behind NLP and the presuppositions of NLP all suggest that there is no negative and only positive in everything we do and experience. This “finding the good in everything” mindset is how those who practice NLP reprogram their minds to treat everything with a positive outlook.

What Is Trance Logic? Does It Relate To Modern Hypnosis?

So I have been reading what many consider to be a seminal work and great contribution to the field of clinical hypnosis. It is a paper entitled “The nature of hypnosis: Artifact and essence” which was published in the Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology in 1959 and was written by Martin Orne. It is important because it is a very early publication claiming that the hypnotised individual will overlook certain issues within suggestions being delivered by the hypnotist, that in their ‘usual waking state’ may well be disturbing or problematic for them.

Charles Dickens, Hypnosis and Mesmerism

Did you know that Charles Dickens publicly performed mesmerism? Did you know that he was a strong advocate of the subject of mesmerism and was very close friends with Britain’s most famous medical mesmerist? This article tells all.

How to Know If You’ve Been Hypnotized

Many individuals believe that hypnosis can assist them in making positive changes. However, how does the hypnotist or client know that hypnosis has actually taken place?

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