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Imagery and Visualisation in Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has long made use of mental imagery to enable people to achieve a cognitive restructuring of their inner experience. The prevalence of the use of imagery in hypnotherapy might be because it seems to become easier for us to follow guided visualisation processes or become more aware of our spontaneous mental imagery when we close our eyes or begin to relax. This article looks at what might be most helpful in enabling hypnotherapy clients to visualise.

NLP For Personal Development

Personal development encompasses a wide range of ideas and ideals. The main premise of personal development or self improvement is to learn and grow into a better functioning person. By better functioning, I mean a happier more successful person. You see, the key to all success is successful habits and decisions. Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP is used by nearly all motivational speakers and personal development gurus for one simple reason, it works.

Power Mind-Discover Techniques on How to Control People

When you hear the word mind control, the first thing that comes to mind is the ability to actually control another person’s mind using your own. Although it may be a good concept of how actual mind control works, this is not the case. Mind control comes in different forms such as hypnotism, manipulation and even simple persuasion. But even though you don’t literally control someone’s mind, you still need a power mind, not to mention a strong sense of influencing in order to achieve mind control.

Covert Hypnosis in Everyday Conversation

Can you think of what it’s like watching a really good movie, one that’s gradually building up to a crucial scene, then leaves you with a cliffhanger in the end? It can be annoying, however it can also be incredibly exciting. Films like that can be really fun and they both get, and hold, your undivided attention.

Mind Control – Using It In Sales And For Your Overall Well Being

A very common scenario faced by salesmen is unreceptive prospects. Whatever you say to them fall on deaf ears. Every rationale that you put forward is rebutted and the prospect is simply not willing to purchase the product. Over here, mind control techniques can come to your aid and enable you to make sales in seemingly hopeless cases too.

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