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Great Tips for Beginning Students of NLP

Thanks in large part to the Internet, the amount of information available on NLP can be a bit overwhelming, especially to a beginner. First step – don’t worry! Many have been in your shoes before and attained deep and powerful skills.

Sit for a Spell – How to Learn to Spell Easily and Consistently Well

Many people say they can’t spell or are poor spellers and one of the most common complaints parents and teachers make is that a child doesn’t learn their spellings. The reason for this is mainly that most people are not taught an effective strategy for learning to remember how to spell words. Good spellers are people who have stumbled across an effective strategy for themselves and of course they are not necessarily aware of how they do it. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) provides the skill set to enable people to use their brains very effectively, especially for learning.

NLP – The Simplified Version

There have been many books written about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) its origins, usage and benefits. This short article is aimed at people who have come across the term NLP and want to know, in simple terms, what it is and what it does.

Self Hypnosis And The Sub-Conscious Mind

Self hypnosis is an outstanding tool for applying the law of attraction. By focusing on the sub-conscious mind, you are in effect “re-programing” your belief system. Many people have created harmful belief systems by default over the years and need an edge which allows them to get “right to the core” of their own created limitations.

Self Hypnosis Techniques: Helping Yourself to Become a Better Person

The article provides instructions on how to perform self-hypnosis. It describes the process of putting oneself in a receptive, suggestible state of mind, and gives pointers on visualizations and making positive affirmations.

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