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Is Mindfulness a Buddhist Meditation Technique Or a NLP Curative Method?

Mindfulness was initially a Buddhist meditation procedure, which helped Buddhists reach a truly inspiring equilibrium as they took things as they were or as they came. NLP experts have readjusted this technique of meditation so that they could treat efficiently diverse stress disorders (posttraumatic stress disorder, eating disorders or drug abuse disorders and depressions).

The Understanding of SPORT in Neurolinguistic Programming

Neurolinguistic programming has developed a special technique in order to help individuals set and achieve successfully their goals. It has assigned SPORT a different meaning as this procedure covers different steps or guidelines, which are supposed to lead individuals to personal accomplishments. In order to exemplify, we will detail the meaning of each letter composing the acronym SPORT.

Pain Hypnosis – What is the Cause of My Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain that has an unknown cause is increasing. People in pain wonder why they feel the pain and more importantly want to know how to get rid of it. More and more people are turning to hypnosis for pain management to rid themselves of this sometimes debilitating problem.

Wickedly Evil Mind Control Techniques

If you want to know about wickedly evil mind control techniques that allow you to literally put people under your spell and make them do what you want them to do, then this article is for you. With the help of advanced hidden hypnosis tactics, persuasion patterns and conversational coercion, manipulating other people becomes easy.

Medical Hypnosis – Using Hypnosis to Heal the Mind-Body Relationship

Your mind and body need to work together to be full of health. You can learn to master your mind and body relationship with hypnosis for health. Using self hypnosis techniques and training your mind correctly can help you heal your body effectively.

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