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How to Find a “Mental Diet” Coach to Re-Empower Your Life?

Self-esteem is based on how you think of yourself. This is stimulated by the values, beliefs and concepts that have been implanted in you, either by your entourage or the external world.

10 Things You Need to Know About NLP

1) NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming Neuro refers to the neurological pathways in the brain Linguistic refers to the primary way we, as humans, share experience Programming refers to ‘repeatable’ behaviours (generally of an unconscious origin). NLP is about Subjective Human Experience How individuals respond to the ‘reality’ that is ‘out there’, turn it into a reality which is ‘in here’ (pointing to my head) and relate to that experience is the primary interest of NL.

Can Hypnotherapy Make Your Skin Look Fabulous?

Skin fulfills a wide spectrum of protective and sensorial functions within human bodies. It works just like a transmitter for the brains in the event of injuries or any other damages.

Can Hypnosis Cure Bulimia?

Bulimia has been classified as an eating disorder, more precisely, recurrent episodes of uncontrolled appetite for calorie-rich food (sweets for example) and always followed by an intense feeling of guilt. Sufferers perceive the binge episode as a sort of relief, which ends immediately after they have stopped eating.

Is Self-Hypnosis a Personal Development Technique?

Self-hypnosis techniques are generally classified as autosuggestion procedures, increasing the level of relaxation and meditation. Any individual who is willing to enter meditative phase where he can take full control of his emotions and anxieties might consider self-hypnosis as an interesting alternative to formal hypnotherapy.

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