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Understanding How Belief Systems Work – Can You Really Believe What You See?

Let’s have a look at beliefs. How and why people believe what they do, and the difference between conditioned belief and belief gained through knowledge and actual experience. Also, the part hypnosis and dreams play in all this.

Indirect Conversational Hypnosis – A Sneaky Trick To Hypnotize Others Secretly

Indirect conversational hypnosis is a very sneaky way of hypnotizing other people secretly. It takes a couple of weeks to practice it, but the power to influence people on such a deep and profound level is well worth the effort.

Is Covert Hypnosis and Mind Control Possible

Many people have heard of hypnosis. This can be in the form of self hypnosis or hypnotic therapy. However, there is not a large group of people that will tell you that they have heard of covert hypnosis.

Belief States and the Nature of Reality

The subconscious generates the wave patterns from which the outer world is constructed. The physical reality we live in is a collaborative effort between all sentient beings within that reality. The reality we experience is a consensus reality, it is a matrix of wave patterns, belief states, consciousness and emotions which, in combination, generate the form of the universe we observe about us.

A Step by Step Guide to Using Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis is one of the most powerful self development tools available, you can use it to overwrite negative or limiting beliefs you may have picked up earlier in your life; ‘I’m not an intelligent person’, ‘I always feel nervous and panic under pressure’ with positive ones that can improve your life going forward. You can also use it to change your habits, both getting rid of unwanted habits such as smoking, or by creating new habits like getting up an hour earlier to get some extra work or study done. This article provides a simple breakdown of the self hypnosis technique.

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