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Is it Possible to Resist Being Hypnotized?

It’s amazing what the mind can do for you when your back’s against the wall,” Fred told me. Something that the great Milton Erickson had said popped into his mind. ‘Resistance is an energy. Use it, don’t fight it.’ In martial arts such as Aikido, Judo and Jujitsu, when an opponent pulls you, you push, you don’t pull him back.

The Funny Side of Hypnosis

My next set of articles concerns a friend of mine, a hypnotherapist for whom I have the greatest respect. He told me this story a number of years ago. I hope I manage to convey at least some of his humour! Incidentally, later on, there’s a great deal of excellent advice. We’ll call this pal of mine Fred…

What is All the Fuss About NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)? Is it Worth Taking a Training Course?

Our senses provide us with about 2 Millions bits of information per second every second of our lives. In order to cope, our minds filter this information to a level that we can cope with (roughly 7 bits of information +/- 2). So the mind does a lot behind the scenes and it may not always be clear why we act or feel the way we do.

Hypnotic Anaesthesia Created Through Numbness

Creating numbness through hypnosis can be an invaluable method which may be used instead of anaesthesia. For the therapist to actually create numbness in a limb, say an arm, he or she would have to suggest an unconscious response to numbness by saying the following sort of things. “It’s Winter.

Weight Loss and the Mind Body Connection

We are programmed genetically to function efficiently for an environment that is totally foreign to us today. This article explains how hypnosis for weight loss will change how you process information in the modern day world so you will be free to live your life in a healthy and fit manner. The best part is that using hypnosis for weight loss makes it a very enjoyable process as you reach your goal weight.

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