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Learn Hypnosis – 5 Tips for Becoming a Master of Hypnosis

If you want to learn hypnosis, you have to attend a training course. This is the first step towards becoming a master of influence. However, it is not the only step you will have to make. In order to learn hypnosis effectively, you have to master specific skills as well. Good training will certainly help you do this. Still, taking advantage of some practical tips never hurts. In fact, you can only benefit form it.

Hypnosis Mind Control – How to Hypnotize and Control Others

When people think of hypnosis mind control, they usually imagine a person or a group of people being injected with medications and forced to watch crazy videos. This is a totally false notion. Hypnosis mind control is a method based purely on psychology. The practitioner uses conversational hypnosis to influence a person to do something that he wants this person to do. If you have read more on the subject, you will now that this method is totally ethical as well.

What Is Neurolinguistic Programming?

NLP is one of those things that you understand best once you start to use it. After all, you are your own laboratory. You can look within and recognize your thoughts, the images you create, the sensations you feel, explore how your beliefs limit you and what could happen if you changed them. NLP provides its users with many techniques and tools for self-improvement, positive change and personal growth.

NLP – The Power of Words

The specific words we use either consciously or unconsciously have a direct affect on our physiology. Our words create exactly what the situation actually feels like – for better or worse.

Life Between Lives Regression: A Window Into a Profound World

You might wonder, “What is life between lives regression and how can it help me now? Can this regression session help me in my current life?” Life between lives regression is a method of using hypnosis to return to a time before you were living in your physical body. This is the time when you lived as a soul in the spiritual realm.

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