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The NLP Communications Model – A Basic Understanding

Do you realize that right now you are being exposed to 2 million bits of information per second? I am not sure how Miller (the 20th most historically important psychologist of the 20th century), Galanter (Past Director of the Psychophysics Laboratory at Columbia University) and Pribram (a neurosurgeon) counted the 200 bits in their study, but we can agree that in one moment there are many more bits of data than we can consciously process.

NLP Basics – Everyone Is Doing Their Best, We Have All the Resources We Need

Here I explore the presuppositions of NLP that everyone is doing the best that they can with the resources they have, and that we all have all of the resources we need to succeed and achieve our desired outcomes. You may agree or disagree. Actually it is not a matter of agreement. By allowing these presupposition into your belief system you are empowering yourself and your clients to do better. Which belief serves your success and the progress of your clients?

NLP for Coaches: Hypnotic Language Patterns 3 – Complex Equivalence

A Complex Equivalence is where two things are assumed to be equivalent. If I eat this entire container of Moose Tracks ice cream, that means that I won’t have room for the bag of cheese puffs. If I go to the Zumba class at the gym five times a week that means that after a month I’ll know how to dance (or do something that resembles dancing).

Unleash the Secrets of Your Subconscious Mind With Self Hypnosis

Tapping into your subconscious mind can unleash a different set of instant self hypnosis secrets that you’ve never imagined. Below is a valuable set of information about our conscious, subconscious mind, and self hypnosis.

Weight Loss and Denial – It’s Time For a Lifestyle Change

Ok People, here is some revolutionary news: You have to make a lifestyle change in order to lose weight! I didn’t think this news was that new but obviously not everybody has heard it.

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