Abraham Hicks – Do It like Esther For Immediate Results It Works and It’s Really Fun!

Hypnosis to Stop Smoking – Medically Proven to Be the Best Option

For those who want to quit smoking but have tried everything with little success, this is the answer; hypnosis to stop smoking really works. Imagine being ten times fitter and never being winded again. After many attempts the idea of stopping becomes intimidating because there’s always the fear that it won’t last and that smoking has got you forever.

Take Control of Your Life With Conversational Hypnosis

For most people, life is a struggle to just get by. The ability to influence the important decision-makers in their lives is a full-time job that is often unsuccessful. Conversational hypnosis is a powerful tool that can enable you to successfully negotiate what you want or need from others by turning conversation to your advantage.

The Effects Of Hypnotic Suggestibility

This is something that people didn’t realize years ago when they were conducting experiments with hypnosis. It was always deemed necessary to have a hypnotist put you in trance before there was any effect at all. Modern studies, though, paint a very different picture.

The C Factor: Boost Your Self-Confidence With NLP

Women, and men, of all ages and backgrounds come to my coaching practice: singletons looking for love, young professionals looking for a job, career or life direction, business people with public speaking fears, a lot of people struggling to lose weight… The common denominator is usually low self-confidence and a lack of self-belief…

NLP – Misconceptions?

NLP – neuro linguistic programming, or nasty labelled posters? Do we really understand where NLP comes from, or what it is for – and do we really grasp the techniques involved?

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