Abraham Hicks – Don’t Be Shy and Be Picky About What You Want

All Aboard! Get On The Night Train Of Good Habits, Not Bad Habits!

Totally productive, logical thinking that adds to life sometimes seems too extreme and overly practical to be that easy to practice. But, I tell you this, when anything becomes a habit, it is easy to practice.

5 Easy Steps to Learn Hypnosis Instantly – This Is Easy!

There is no denying that the art of hypnosis, especially conversational hypnosis, has gone a long way in terms of acceptance. In fact people in the scientific field have recognized the positive effects of hypnosis procedures.

How Past Life Memories and Fears Can Impact Your Current Life

In the Disney movie, “The Lion King”, there’s a line where Rafiki says, “It doesn’t matter, it’s in the past.” As the movie progresses, you find out that what happened in the past does matter and it affects our present and our future. In fact, we all live with the ghosts of our past. This is true of past life memories as well.

Power of Mind Over Body – Start Overachieving Right Now!

Time and time again, we seek ways to control our mind because we have been told that what the mind can conceive, the body can achieve. It is said that the power of the mind influences many aspects of our lives. This causes us to act and react in almost all of our daily circumstances.

Self Hypnosis For Prosperity – Make Your Life Amazing Now!

It was some years ago when the phrase law of attraction really became popular via the book and the documentary “The Secret”. Intrigued with how it works, I myself saw the video too and,truth be told, took some time practicing the principles behind it. I don’t know if the good things that happened in my life were results of the law of attraction but one thing’s for sure: I need to develop myself in terms of concentrating because concentration is vital to the law of attraction.

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