Abraham Hicks – Energy Calibration!! Use This Technique To Fully Align With Higher Source Energy!!

Covert Persuasion And Influence – Using Anchors

Have you ever got over a difficult period of your life by listening to a particular song? Months later, you are listening to the radio and that same song comes on, making you recall those difficult times? If you have, congratulations, you’ve experienced first hand the power of an anchor.

Covert Persuasion And Influence – The Consistency Principle

In the realm of persuasion, there is a very powerful principle known as the Consistency Principle. If harnessed correctly, it can have many useful applications that can help us in various areas of our lives.

Why Hypnotherapy Isn’t Like Stage Hypnosis

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I get all kinds of reactions when people find out what I do for a living. Anything from “ooh… I’m scared of hypnosis” or “do you make people cluck like chickens?” And when I hear things like that I realise that for most people, their only experience with hypnosis is what they’ve seen on television, or at a show.

Confidence Hypnosis – Boosting Confidence To Attract Women

I know it’s hard to build a conversation especially if there is a woman that you like. The only thing that stops you is that you don’t have the confidence to build a conversation and have the talk completely flow to any topics that you want. Even though that we know what we wanted to talk the only thing is that once we are there.

Simple Hypnosis Tricks

Are you interested in learning hypnosis? Here are some simple tricks you can perform that will get you started. There is very little theory in what I am about to tell you. Perform these tricks on enough people and you will start to learn about how hypnosis works yourself. If you reach your own conclusions at the start, they will greatly assist with your journey of learning to use hypnosis.

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