Abraham Hicks – Every Time You Try This Things Will turn Out Well for You

Ways to Change Your Language Pattern to Induce Hypnosis

We each shape our own truth. This article describes different ways of altering your language patterns to induce an altered state you desire. It describes language and its hypnotic function as well as the degree to which you can change the way you communicate with yourself and others to induce trance.

NLP Techniques – Calibration

To be an effective NLP Practitioner requires the ability to ‘read’ the thought processes and emotional state of a client. Unfortunately, no two people are identical and the NLP Practitioner needs to balance their NLP Knowledge against individuality.

He Was Terrified Of Elevators

How to make the strange seem familiar. How to make uncertainty feel easy.

What Is The New Normal?

Normal is a relative term. Which means you can define it however you like.

How Much Is Real Out There?

The difference between real and imaginary is an illusion. It’s all real, and it all exists in your mind.

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