Abraham Hicks – Everything Just Came Together – It’s So Easy!

Instant Hypnosis – Achieve Hypnotic Trance in Under Five Minutes

Instant hypnosis relies on several elements to achieve immediate deep hypnosis. First, the hypnotist must monopolize his subject’s focus, then there is a shock, or a rapid redirection of the subject’s attention. Finally, the word “sleep” completes the hypnosis.

Hypnosis – Is It Helpful?

The word hypnosis brings different images to the minds for different people. Some people reject it while others are curious about it. The intention of hypnosis is to change your thought pattern and sometimes help to address the real cause of some problems.

Why Hypnotherapists Should Be Able To Spot Logical Fallacies

Noticing how theorists within the field of hypnotherapy attempt to get their point across is illuminating and sometimes pathetic. Read on to see why.

Use The Language Of Hypnosis

There are certain Hypnotic Language Patterns which are invaluable to know and understand. Nominalisations. These are sometimes known as ‘politicians words,’ since they have no specific meaning. How often have we heard a politician ramble on and on and in the end, we haven’t a clue what point he’s been trying to make! So nominalisations are words such as ‘peace,’ ‘calmness’ and ‘relaxation.’ This is part of what’s meant by the language of hypnosis.

Socratic Questioning, The Meta Model and the Hypnotherapists Line of Enquiry

Within my work, I advocate the use of Critical Thinking. I consider it to be especially important for hypnotherapists. And even more especially for hypnotherapists that simply believe everything and do everything the same as their tutors.

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