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Prescribing the Symptom in Hypnotherapy

Why on earth would anyone be asked by a hypnotherapist to do more of their unwanted symptom? Can it actually be therapeutic? This article explains the notion of prescribing the symptom and demonstrates how and why it can be useful.

How Do The Effects Of Hypnosis Differ From The Effects Of Drugs?

The very first time I was put in hypnosis, I thought of an LSD trip. The vivid imagery I experienced overwhelmed me. Only it didn’t stop with vision.

What Is The Most Powerful Method Of Hypnosis?

I used to believe that hypnosis is hypnosis. I mean, you put the person in a trance, tell them to stop smoking or to feel better, bring them out of their trance, and everything was beautiful. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple.

What Are Some Popular Misconceptions About Hypnosis?

Television provided me with my first glimpse into the world of hypnosis. I saw zombie-like people, arms stretched out in front of them, walking and talking under the control of a mad man looking to do some bad things. More realistic movies like “The Manchurian Candidate” further deepened my suspicion of this strange art.

Why Does Self Hypnosis Work and How Is It Different From Stage Hypnotism?

When you are faced with what seems an insurmountable problem, you are willing to try even unconventional means. When all your sincere attempts to change your bad habits, whether smoking or overeating fail, it is time to look at another way. It is time to recognize that all the pills, dieting and exercise will not help you if something always seems to sabotage your efforts. If the issue lies within your subconscious, it is time to consider self hypnosis.

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