Abraham Hicks – How Can You Be Happy When Bad Things Happen

The Ancient Psychology of Uniforms

Shamanism teaches as a lot about psychology, hypnosis and the secret language of the mind. Learning these shows us how to thrive in the modern world.

Expand Your Mind Without the Side Effects

Expanding your awareness changes the way your mind works. Mostly for the better. But if you don’t pay attention to the risks, it can send you to strange places. Be prepared and protect yourself.

Overcome Doubts and Failures Now

Children have limitless self-esteem. Failures don’t set them back – if they did, no one would ever learn to walk. Rekindle that attitude by learning, and unlearning, some important life lessons.

The Ancient Psychology of Fire

What can shamanistic religions teach us about psychology? A lot, as it turns out. Learn how cultures use fire, our modern substitutes for it… and the danger they pose to your mind.

Your Most Valuable Relationship

There’s no greater trust than the trust within. Treat yourself like an old friend and your mind will reward you in surprising ways.

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