Abraham Hicks – How To Effectively Receive The Right Answers From You Own Inner Being

How Does It Feel to Be Hypnotized?

When I tell people I’m a hypnotist, many people ask 2 questions: can anyone be hypnotized and how does it feel to be hypnotized? Most people can be hypnotized, if they want to be.

Learning Charisma – Developing Your Sense of Presence and Purpose

We all move between a need for purpose and a need for presence, a desire to see the whole arc of the story and a desire to live life instead of analyzing it. We can allow circumstances to lead us from one to the other, or we can make choices to move between them. Making choices allows us to optimize our experience, to achieve more because we occupy the state that best fits something we want to do. Making choices allows us to have what we want more often, whether or not circumstances seem to favour our success.

What is Hypnosis? A Theory of the Mind

Hypnosis is a power tool for changing your life. Unfortunately, it is largely unknown exactly how it works. It’s easy to explain utilizing a theory of the mind. I have a different slant on it than most. I suggest that humans are naturally pessimistic creatures and that is why positive suggestions do not easily enter the subconscious mind while we are fully conscious.

Professional Hypnotherapy – Reality, Dream or Illusion

In 1957, Harvard professor, Samuel P. Huntington wrestled with the role of a professional military in relationship with their civilian masters. He defined professionalism as an association bound together by a common code of ethics. Even though his views have been occasionally referenced as authoritative by others, the elusiveness of the meaning still ranges from the extremes of elitism to almost humorous banality.

Self Hypnosis Audio – Maximize Your Benefits

More and more people are purchasing self hypnosis audios for download off of the Internet because they are so popular. There are also and increased amount of people saying how they do not work and dismissing the effectiveness of them. You do not know it yet but, in a few short minutes you will begin to feel relaxed while you read about ways to maximize your benefits from self hypnosis audio.

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