Abraham Hicks – Ignore The Politics…It’s Time For A Real Change

Hypnosis – The Ultimate Spiritual Gateway?

Have you ever wished you could meet with an Angel, connect with a spiritual being, or request a meeting with Jesus? Maybe you can. Perhaps our minds are the ultimate spiritual gateway, and hypnosis is simply a tool in which we can use to get there. This intriguing article examines the difference between religion and spirituality in terms of how hypnosis can help us tap into the subtle aspects of the higher mind, through the subconscious, helping us build a bridge to higher realms of consciousness.

How to Overcome Shyness and Become Confident in Any Situation

Discover how to overcome shyness and become confident in any social situation for free. Thousands are successfully using the technique and changing their lives for the better; finally able to start improving their careers, personal relationships, health and financial situation in ways they never imagined possible before. And importantly learning how to let go of their anxiety and panic feelings with no medications!

Why Hope Is Good

Hope is simply the capacity to imagine a positive future. Constructive hope is the ability to predict a positive future as a probable outcome of past and present choices and events. Really, really successful hope is the ability to so thoroughly presuppose a positive future that hope no longer seems to be a part of the process.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work and Is It Right For Me?

Thinking about going into a career of medicine or therapy? With so many options for medicine and therapy these days, who says becoming a clinical hypnotherapist and providing an alternative therapy isn’t for you?

Covert Hypnosis Secrets – How To Establish Authority And Power Using Body Language

Why do you want to establish yourself as an authority to hypnotize someone? People are programed to trust experts and leaders, by establishing yourself as an authority the chances for success of your hypnotic suggestions increases. People trust you and listen to you more. Learn how to establish yourself as an authority by using the power of body language.

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