Abraham Hicks – It’s Only Going To Take 5 Minutes…But It Can Change Your Day In VERY BIG WAYS!!

Hypnosis for Toning Down Your Anxiety

Hypnosis, for a long time, may be observed by several like a controversial practice. The evolution of thinking, coupled with science domesticating hypnotherapy, nonetheless, has changed plenty of people’s view on hypnosis.

Are You Leaving Your Influence to Chance?

Influence can sometimes appear to be an ‘in-the-moment’ phenomenon. Certainly the actual results of your influence seem to hinge on specific conversations at specific times. But unless you’re happy to let your opportunities to influence be dictated by chance, there is planning you can do in order to influence the right people.

How Groups Can Bring You into Direct Contact with Reality

The transformational group is a different kind of social situation, in which instead of people going along with your emotional defense systems* or skirting around them, people are putting in the picture their own here-and-now experience, which means people’s defense systems* are no longer ruling. Out in the world they are ruling.

How to Become a Powerful Speaker – NLP Clean Questioning Technique

Clean Language is a communications methodology, developed by David J Grove, a New Zealand ‘Counselling Psychologist’, during the 1980s and 1990s. Clean Language offers helpful techniques to all professionals, especially those working closely with others as counsellors and coaches. Clean Language helps people to convey their own meaning, free from any distracting interpretation from others.

How To Be A Force Of Nature

This is a simple article that I am writing here, and a succinct one. It is on how to live naturally, yet powerfully as a force of nature to be reckoned with. As I have said in many articles before quoting the Greek philosopher Heracleitus, life is like a river and you can never step in the same river twice as it flows down stream.

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