Abraham Hicks – It’s Time To UNITE Your Energy And MANIFEST BIG THINGS!!

NLP Anchors

Who is pulling your strings? Is there a piece of music that, when you hear it, takes you back years to another time and place, one which brings back floods of memories about an event or person that you once knew? Is there a smell that, when you smell it, reminds you of your childhood or some other time in your life?

NLP State Management

A state of mind is the way that a person is being at any moment in time. It is the total experience that they are having because of their mental process and would include feelings, emotions, thoughts and physiology.

NLP Beliefs Systems

What we believe we ultimately conceive in our lives. So often we think about beliefs as if they were tangible, real things, when they are actually nothing more than hunches or feelings of certainty about something or someone and they are usually nothing more than generalisations about the past.

Turning Pain Into Pleasure With NLP

The principle is simple and it exercises absolute power over our lives. What we associate in our mind with pain we will tend to avoid at all cost and what we associate with pleasure we will seek out and want to experience more of and probably as much as possible.

NLP Rapport

Much has been written on the subject of NLP Rapport at it usually centres around the ability to create rapport through the use of matching, mirroring, pacing and leading techniques to mention but a few. Actually, uncomplicated, basic, simple and common sense rapport is not difficult for anyone who has a natural respect for others and the good manners to show that respect in their communication with them. Being able to communicate effectively means being able to influence both your own and other people’s communication in order to be able to achieve mutual beneficial outcomes from the experience.

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