We All Love To Win, If You Do Not Like To Work Toward It, You Do Not Really Want It

We all want an “easier way to win” than we see the path of, so to speak. We all have complaints about how hard our road is, and some even claim they have it too easy and complain in the opposite direction of the people who complain how hard their road is. Either way, a complaint is a complaint, and all satisfaction is genuinely up to you and your mind as it is up to my mind and my personal reality.

Life Is Real When I Really Am

I lifted this title not to blindly imitate another author, but in honor of another author, George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff. Indeed, though, this article is wholly original with me. So here are the subtle hints of what I am writing about: One for the money, two for the show, three, we are ready to grow!

Busting Myths About Who Can Be Hypnotised

How many people are immune to hypnosis? 20%? 40%? The real number is essentially zero – here’s how (and why that’s great news)

Yet Another Benefit Mind Training Has Over “Brain Training”

Do brain training games work? The evidence suggests not. But even ignoring evidence, there’s a clue – something that only genuine mind training exercises do.

What’s the Cure for Hypnosis Addiction?

Is hypnosis addiction real? It’s real enough for victims of predators who twist trances to their own ends. Luckily, the cure is simple.

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