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👉 Abraham-Hicks 2011-09-17 Stamford CT

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Will You Forgive Your Own Ignorance?

Hypnotherapy can fizzle for a thousand reasons. This one might sound a little strange – maybe even self-serving – but it’s a real and common problem.

The Ingredients Label for Placebos

Placebos are just sugar pills, right? They sure are… and no, not at all. Many ingredients go into a good placebo – here’s a list.

I Can’t Even Milk an Imaginary Cow

Hypnosis makes you suggestable… but you’re still you. In fact, as this story shows, you’re more ‘you’ inside a trance than outside it.

The Cognitohazard Inside This Common Hypnosis Question

I get asked this question about hypnosis a lot. The problem is, even thinking this question is dangerous – a full-blown cognitohazard. Here’s why.

Martin Logic King Jr

Here’s a brief lesson in influence from one of history’s most influential people. And the lesson even goes beyond that, into a saner life.

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