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Virginia Satir

The name Virginia Satir may not sound familiar to most unless you have some knowledge of the history of hypnosis. A therapist who used a combination of different techniques to help individuals and families solve daily issues. She helped them to find the root of their problems and to increase their self-esteem and self-worth as individuals as well as being part of a family.

Self Hypnosis Downloads – Everything You Need to Know

Self hypnosis downloads are available to anyone. They are inexpensive, accessible and can be easily downloaded to a computer within minutes. Once you have downloaded the file you may need to install it but this doesn’t usually take long. You will be guided into a relaxed tranquil state and given suggestions, which are also known as scripts. Scripts are statements that are directed into the subconscious mind that will alter thinking and behaviour.

Self Hypnosis Techniques – Different Techniques Used During Self Hypnosis

There are several self hypnosis techniques that you can use while running a self hypnosis process. These techniques can be used as a single or combined approach to make your hypnosis experience more effective and meaningful.

NLP Coaching – A Positive Stride Towards Success

NLP coaching can do a world of good in your life. Learn how it can help you achieve your dreams!

Can Anyone Be Hypnotised?

Hypnosis is often thought of as mysterious, maybe even devious – often people don’t understand it properly or know how it works. This quick article will give you a basic introduction and show who can be hypnotised and how it works.

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