Abraham Hicks – Locking Into Your BEST Vibration!

NLP Pattern – Change Personal History

Our past is not immutable and we have the ability to change it at will should we wish to. This pattern will allow you to alter your interpretation of your personal history and give yourself the tools to better handle similar events in the future. This pattern requires considerable experience of NLP as it contains a number of Master Practitioner concepts.

The Most Crucial Element of Persuasion

Don’t do this and you are doomed before you start. Do this and everything will literally fall into your lap.

Your Timeline and Personality – And I Don’t Mean on Facebook

Have you ever wondered why you or people you know have different concepts of time. Some people always late for appointments, while others are very particular about time. If it’s a problem for you, Time Line Therapy may be the answer.

NLP Pattern – Create Compulsion (Godiva Chocolate)

The Godiva Chocolate Pattern is one of the oldest NLP Patterns and should be taught on every practitioner program. It is a modification of a standard Swish pattern that is used to install motivation and desire in a client. This article explains how to execute the pattern to create positive compulsions in your clients.

The Power Of Pre Framing To More Easily Fill Your Outcome

Intentions are everywhere. If you don’t plan them, somebody else will.

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