Abraham Hicks ~ Make This Your Dominant Mantra To The Universe (#Shorts)

Applying Neuro Linguistic Programming to Become a Powerful Speaker

For a person who suffers from low confidence during public speaking, the general advice is that if they want to improve public speaking skills they should practice repeatedly in front of a mirror in order to feel confident. This advice however would be incomplete if the person is not told ‘How’ to feel confident, and ‘What’ needs to be done in order to feel confident. A simple technique of Neuro Linguistic Programming can help. If one person can be a spontaneous powerful speaker, so can others. Speaking powerfully is a threefold process: Using one’s body to get into a confident state, stopping anxiety build up, and running the movie in your mind that You. Are. Confident.

How to Perform Mind Hypnosis?

Although it is commonly believed that hypnosis is equivalent to the state of hallucination, albeit one that is created for us by someone else, most people would be surprised to know that we often experience Hypnosis in our day to day lives without even being aware of it. For example, when you read a good book or watch an engrossing film and lose yourself in the experiences of the characters, you are actually experiencing a mild form of Hypnosis.

Master the Best Induction Techniques and Learn Hypnosis Faster

Of all the states of hypnosis, Induction is possibly the most important, since this is where the subject enters the trance state. Induction makes it possible for you to influence and change the subject’s behavior.

Unfold Happiness in Your Life Through Self Awareness

We are currently living in a time that holds various possibilities of leading an individual towards the realization of his/her deepest truths. However, there is a single common factor that plays a major role in realizing the inner secrets- Self Awareness.

Why Covert Hypnosis Is Today’s Biggest Trend in Hypnosis

Covert hypnosis, better known as conversational hypnosis is arguably the most prominent trend in hypnosis today. Its popularity has increased relatively and it’s the most widely used tool in many and varied aspects of our lives, leave alone hypnosis. Talking about hypnosis, covert hypnosis is definitely the first option and main trend. Covert hypnosis is all about talking with the subconscious of a person through the use of spoken words and different sets of gestures. In simple terms, it’s all about planting an idea in the mind of the person you are talking to and consequently influencing his behavior.

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