Abraham Hicks – Miracles and Magic Are Normal When You Are In Alignment

Hypnosis – Ultradian Rhythms, Power Naps and the Importance of Relaxation

One of the great benefits of meditation is to lower stress levels. Stress is so much more prevalent, its levels so much higher, than was the case 100 years ago. The reasons are legion, but lack of community support, a much faster way of life and working cripplingly long hours are just three. This results in the levels of stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, rising dangerously

How to Hypnotize Yourself Instantly

If there was a way to change your inner mind, thus changing your life, instantly, would you do it? Of course, and self hypnosis is a powerful tool to do just that. Learn how to do self hypnosis on yourself and also learn how to hypnotize others.

Does Hypnosis Work and is Hypnosis Effective?

Does hypnosis work, and can you use hypnosis to help change your life? Find out what the top scientists are saying about self hypnosis, meditation and visualization, and how it affects the brain and the body.

NLP Rapport Building – 3 Awesome NLP Techniques to Build Rapport Effectively

NLP rapport building is one of the most subtle yet effective techniques you can use to persuade anybody and everybody. If you’re ready to equip yourself with NLP techniques to deal with people better, read this article.

Hypnosis – Why People With Phobias Often Make the Best Hypnotic Subjects, and the Question of Focus

The hypnotic state is most accurately described as ‘parallel awareness.’ While the hypnotized person knows exactly where and who they are, their focus is still strongly focused on sensations, imaginations, memories and internal realities. Once again, we see the similarities to dreams.

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