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Some True Facts About Hypnosis

If I say to you the word… “HYPNOSIS!” What does that mean to you? It’s a very powerful yet interesting word that means quite different things to many different people.

Where Do Stage Hypnotists Fit Into The Hypnosis Industry?

So many people’s first exposure to hypnosis is usually via a local stage hypnotist’s show or something they’ve seen on TV. A lot of people believe that hypnotherapy is the same medium and are thus can be put-off from making that first step towards a better life through hypnosis. There is a large debate as to whether or not the stage shows are hurting the hypnotherapy industry. This is my take on the subject.

3 Hypnotic Mind Control Techniques to Get What You Want in Life

First off, this will not be a “normal” mind control article on manipulating other people in any manner. This article will mainly be about manipulating yourself to get the best out of yourself, for the best results from yourself and to do your best work with more pleasure than pain.

3 Myths And Misconceptions About NLP

There are 3 common NLP myths and misconceptions: 1) NLP is mind control and manipulative, 2) NLP does not or will not work for me and 3) NLP is therapy. Learn more about NLP as these myths are dispelled.

How To Leverage Conversational Hypnosis For Unimaginable Success

Learning how to talk to people is much more important than people realize. It’s also a lot easier.

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